Community Water Taps with Groundwater Recharging

System: 2HP Solar Pumps

Location: Maithon, Jharkhand

Description: Nimbus Solar Solutions has been working on the project of installing 2HP Solar Pumps to provide community water taps with groundwater recharging in Maithon, Jharkhand. The land offers an easy water source as it is located on the banks of river Barakar. The land is fertile and suitable for agricultural purposes, and thus the installation of solar pumps is highly desirable and of great utility in the area. The project launched by Nimbus Solar Solutions has received an overwhelming response and is one of their most popular projects. The project's highest utility culminates into how the installation of one such system in the middle of a remote village provides water for personal consumption to an entire community. It is highly beneficial for rural and remote areas that are not well-equipped to source water regularly. Added features such as a water level indicator and a soak pit that ensures no wastage of water are some of the indispensable and unique attributes of this system. The project seeks to solve general issues faced by the people living in isolated and rural areas by incorporating the supply of regular water resource for consumption and the irrigation process as well.