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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects have gained much importance in recent times with companies making it a significant part of their business policies, objectives and ideologies. Large scale corporates & business houses are consistently making endeavours to contribute in a meaningful way to society through various social welfare, socio-economic and environmental development projects in different dimensions.

CSR activities are conceptualised to create a positive impact on society and the lives of human beings at large. Companies are willing to give back a portion of their earnings to the people of the nation by making some much-needed contributions to society. Such efforts yield far more dividend when we add renewable energy to the CSR equation. Especially – SOLAR

From drinking water, irrigation, lighting, illumination and community farming, solar is the preferred choice of CSR projects for modern-day corporate stalwarts.

A Systematic Approach

Corporations taking CSR initiatives collaborate with NGOs and other charitable trusts from all over the country to fulfil their respective CSR agendas.

•    Every corporate outlines its vision and mission for its CSR policy for the year.  Budget, Geography and a host of other parameters are drafted at this stage.

•    Most corporates have partnerships with NGOs and technical partners (such as NIMBUS) to design & execute such initiatives.

•    We customise solutions to maximise the effectiveness of CSR initiatives keeping in mind the client’s parameters. Nimbus is innovative and adept at executing challenging projects, deep in the heart of rural India.

Why Nimbus?

Exemplary CSR projects have revolved around clean and green energy, community farming, irrigation, sanitation, drinking water and other projects focused on rural development. As part of remarkable global CSR activities, in the last few decades, many corporates have shown vigorous enthusiasm in utilising solar energy to materialise path-breaking social endeavours.

A few challenging CSR initiatives executed by Nimbus:

Siemens, AroehanHirveSolar-Powered Lift Irrigation System300 families
TATA Trusts and CInIMultiple sites in JharkhandSolar-Powered Drip 
Irrigation System200 families
TPCDTMultiple sites in DhanbadSolar-Powered Drinking Water System150 families
HindalcoJharkhandSolar Home Lighting System600 families
SAFE, HSBCMultiple sites in West BengalSolar-Powered Drinking Water ATMs500 families
Diganta Swaraj Foundation, ASB International PVT LTDMaharashtraSolar Water Lifting And Filtration System300 families
Naurangrai Suryadevi TrustJharkhandSolar Rooftop System on School>2000 children

Today, CSR initiatives have broadened the scope of leveraging technology for optimum utilisation of solar power to provide livelihood and basic amenities to societies in rural India.

We make it Transparent & Viable

You will find that most people have little idea about Solar Technology and are quick to assume that it is complicated, expensive & unreliable. While on the contrary, Solar is dependable, inexpensive and the most preferred renewable source of energy!

As a Solar driven company, Nimbus has been making significant transformations in human lifestyle by using renewable energy to provide basic living facilities in different levels of society. We have been able to reach out to the remotest of places in India. Our endeavours have been thoroughly supported and propagated by our NGO partners all over the country, many of whom are directly funded by the World Bank. (We execute our CSR initiatives through such NGOs from across India).

Not only are we putting in relentless efforts towards a greener tomorrow, but we are also helping users with an astounding cut down on their electricity costs.


One of our recent CSR ventures with a corporate client was the installation of a solar-run filtration unit. A series of installations followed, along with eight toilets and a water ATM providing clean drinking water to over 500 individuals of that area. The project, needless to say, had garnered high commendations from both the client and the people.

For innovative ideas on your next Solar based CSR project, get in touch with Nimbus Solar.

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