Our parent company is a renowned brand in the field of irrigation and was started 4 decades ago with a visionary approach to manufacture superior-quality HDPE and PVC Pipes and Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.  The esteemed list of clients that have been associated with us since 1970 is evidence to our single-minded commitment to quality.

Nimbus Solar, the solar division of Nimbus, was kickstarted in 2013 and has since experienced exponential growth in this field. This can be attributed to its high level of quality, compliance to all schedules, and optimal system performance.  

Irrigation Products

Owing to our vast experience of over 40 years in the manufacture of HDPE & PVC pipes and drip & sprinkler irrigation systems, we believe that we can provide the best turnkey solutions in the solar market for solar-powered irrigation projects.

Home Lighting Products

Our new range of Solar Home Lighting products is the ultimate solution to tackle the problem of power outages in cities and lack of or absence of power supply in villages. Our home lighting and cooling product packages can help altogether eliminate the dependence that villagers have on kerosene lamps and that city dwellers have on erratic grid electricity.

Quality Assurance

Every product sold by Nimbus goes through a stringent quality check. We take extra care and personal responsibility for the quality of the products to ensure that we provide the very best service to our customers.

Choose from a wide range of products available at Nimbus for all your Irrigation and Solar needs