Solar energy is being utilised for large-scale lighting solutions by industries, educational institutes, and residential complexes. Nimbus Capex Model allows you to buy the system and get it installed on rooftops, terraces, and other available spaces. The installation of these units is simple and provides electricity throughout the year.

These solar lighting solutions provide a comprehensive set of benefits to customers. They help mitigate the increasing cost of electricity and uncertainty of all-time availability in certain areas. The system has negligible maintenance costs and can be either OFF-GRID or ON-GRID. Each system is designed and customised meticulously by our experienced team.

Our customers reap the benefits of an inexpensive, environment-friendly, reliable power source for 25 years after installation. When and if the systems produce excess energy, the extra power is exported into the grid via net metering, allowing a compensation price for the same.

The other peripheral benefit that solar rooftop systems provide is that they help residents of the top-most floor beat the heat by reducing the amount of sunlight falling on the terrace.

In addition, solar energy generation helps reduce the carbon footprint, thus providing a better future for generations to come.

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