We have been involved extensively with companies and NGOs wanting to bring about a change in the society and expedite its growth and development. Our projects have primarily revolved around clean and green energy, irrigation projects, community farming projects, drinking water and sanitation projects, and rural development projects. Partnering with numerous NGOs all over the country, some of whom have been directly funded by the World Bank, has enabled us to reach out to the remotest of areas to affect change.

We have designed and implemented projects that range from providing uninterrupted supply of energy to rural schools in Jharkhand to helping increase livelihood of tribal farmers. Recently we did a series of installations, where along with 8 toilets, we installed a solar-run filtration unit, which is a water ATM providing clean drinking water to over 500 individuals of that area. This project has been well received and the client is scouting for 8 more such project sites. For more CSR ideas, provided by Nimbus Solar, get in touch with us and we will customise a solution for you.

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