Nimbus is proud to present an exciting new range of home lighting products. Lighting is an important aspect of life, one that is widely taken for granted by us city dwellers. However, for those living in remote villages with either no access to grid electricity or with erratic power supply, Nimbus has introduced solar-powered home lighting solutions.

These high-quality products come with a 1- to 3-year warranty, with unparalleled affordability. Whether you’re looking to electrify houses of an entire village, or simply interested in buying an emergency light for your urban home, Nimbus d.light range of products is your one-stop solution to all your domestic lighting needs. 

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D330: Solar Home Lighting

This combo pack delivers power at no recurring costs through a roof-mounted solar panel. It includes 1 bright tube light and 2 bulbs that can be placed in separate rooms and independently controlled via wall switches. All 3 lights come with 2 brightness settings for added flexibility. It also includes a charger that charges a wide variety of smartphones.


SF20: Solar Fan

The SF20 solar fan is a rechargeable DC fan with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery and a powerful solar panel, which can completely charge the fan in one solar day. This fan comes with an AC power cord for easy grid charging and also has an LED light for use as a bed light or emergency light.