Drip Irrigation System

The Drip Irrigation System is a network of pipes and tubes, which forms a delivery system for carrying just the required quantity of water and nutrients to feed each plant directly at its root zone, drop by drop. This increases yield by 30% to 200% by saving water consumption by 50% to 70%. Water is conveyed from its source to the plant root through a filtration unit, a fertilizer applicator, a control station, and then through a main line, a sub-main line, laterals and drippers. These pipes are manufactured in our company using high-quality polyethylene of international standard, which are resistant to environmental degradation, thus providing trouble-free, maintenance-free service.

The various drip irrigation components are available in the following sizes and capacities 

MAINLINEPIPE-40 to 110 mm size
DRIP LATERAL-6, 12, 16, 20, 32mm
SCREEN/SAND FILTERS-5, 10, 20 & 40m3/hr

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

The Sprinkler Irrigation System is manufactured in various sizes of 50mm, 63mm, 90mm, 110mm and 125mm for irrigation in plain areas and in the range of 100mm to 160mm for irrigation in plantations. These systems are generally supplied in 2.5, 3.2, and 4 kgf/cm2pressure ratings. With its quick release coupler joints, these systems can be easily installed and dismantled as per the suitability of the farmer. The polyethylene and sprinkler coupled pipes used in the system are ISI marked as per IS: 14151 (Part 1) and IS: 14151 (Part 2), respectively. The sprinkler nozzles used in the system are also ISI marked as per IS: 12232 (part 1).