Solar PPA Model

This idea is truly exciting. If you want to add solar energy to your household or business, this idea is what it takes. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy with no set-up cost. And in case your location provides net metering, you will be compensated for any extra electricity that you produce and send to the grid.

How does solar PPA work

By way of a Power Purchase Agreement, Nimbus will be setting up a solar system at your premises at our cost. We will be utilizing unused space to generate electricity. As per availability, this could be sheds, rooftops, and terraces or even on the ground. The customer will be signing a contract whereby, they are to pay as per their usage of solar units at a predetermined unit rate.


  • Going green without any upfront investment from the customer
  • Electricity savings in the range of 10-30%
  • Utilization of unused space for installation of solar panels
  • Option of a buyout anytime as per preset clauses
  • Extra savings in the case of net-metering

Who funds the project


Who uses the solar electricity


Who installs the equipment


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