Solar rooftop solution

Nimbus Solar Lighting and Rooftop Solutions are highly efficient for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes, in both rural and urban areas. The system combines the most efficient components from the best companies to provide a comprehensive solution to the current problems posed by electricity.

Solar CAPEX Model

With this model, you can own a solar power system by making a one-time payment. Once installed, you can enjoy a lifetime supply of the solar power for free, while also creating assets.

Solar OPEX/PPA Model

A Power Purchase Agreement helps you enjoy the benefits of solar energy at ZERO investment cost. Just pay for the units consumed at rates much lower than your present rates.

Capex Model

This plan allows you to pay upfront and buy the solar panels. This is a one-time investment with a payback time of roughly around 3-5 years. After we install the panels at your premises, you can use all the electricity produced by these panels free of cost. You also have the option of choosing “net-metering”, by which any extra unused electricity produced by the panels can be sent back to the grid for which you will get compensated.

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  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Get accelerated depreciation benefits
  • Build assets
  • Be a proud owner of a solar power generating system and join the energy revolution.

Opex/PPA Model

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an agreement signed between a financer (us) and the customer (you). By way of a PPA, Nimbus will be setting up a solar system at your premises (sheds, rooftops, terraces or even on the ground) at our cost. You will be making a monthly payment for the solar units consumed at a predetermined unit rate. Once you sign the agreement, we step in and take care of everything, including system design, paperwork, permissions, knowledge exchange, and post-installation services.

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  • Going green without any upfront investment from the customer
  • Electricity savings in the range of 10-30%
  • Option of a buyout anytime as per preset clauses