The importance and benefits of solar as a renewable energy source have been firmly established across the world. The takers adopting this energy source is growing by the day. However, before the commencement of any solar installation, a survey of the proposed site is mandatory. It is carried out by a professional team after the preliminary agreement between the buyer and the solar provider. 

Benefits for overall success of any installation

Following this all-important survey of the site, the engineering and design team join forces to come up with a customized solution or proposal as per the data collected as well as the specific requirements of the buyer. In fact, the survey usually works as a checklist of all the details that need to be taken into account while meeting the customer.

What are the key points that are taken into consideration during a site survey?

  • Whether the proposed solar installation will be possible on that particular site on the basis of the local climate as well as the physical and logistical conditions of the site (including factors such as the space available, the roof size and make, material storage space, etc.). 
  • The overall viability, including financial benefits. 
  • Whether the proposed site possesses the bandwidth to meet all the specific requirements of the buyer. 
  • The location of the solar panels, their direction, orientation, type of mounting required and the potential sunlight they will receive. 
  • Shade analysis to determine whether the location is shadow-free and devoid of any obstructions like buildings, trees, walls, etc. This step is crucial to ensure that maximum sunlight is captured during the day.
  • The state of the existing electrical infrastructure (whether it is single phase or three-phase, the voltage supplied, the main connection to the electricity grid, existing earthing connection, etc).
  • Load analysis to assess the energy needs of the building.
  • The ownership of the building (whether owned or leased).
  • The roof/height of the building, including the number of floors.
  • Safety or other maintenance concerns.

The one-stop solution for all your solar needs

As one of the reputed and long-standing players in the industry, Nimbus Solar Solutions has been an active contributor right from the stage of ideation to actual realization vis-a-vis the solar aspirations of its end-consumers. Denoting the values of trust, reliability and tremendous experience in the sector, we are committed to delivering world-class services and products across all verticals of our business.

We always emphasize the need and importance of conducting an on-site survey before the commencement of any project. After all, critical information that may be overlooked or misrepresented during this process can harm the success of any solar project. That is why we recommend engaging with our experienced and dedicated team of surveyors for a thorough and accurate survey of any proposed site. Our surveys are characterized by their rich quality, updated knowledge, accuracy and impeccable service.

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