Solar for Petrol Pumps

System: 5KW System with Battery Backup

Location: Dhanbad, Jharkhand

Description: Dhanbad, Jharkhand is the hub of communication and transportation of industrial materials from factories. It is essential to have a renewable form of energy to back up the existing petrol pumps in the area. Dhanbad transformed from being the dirtiest city in 2018, as announced by Swachh Survekshan, to becoming the 56th cleanest city in India. The Dhanbad Municipal Corporation is working on increasing the green cover of the town as it is the ‘Coal Capital of India’. Nimbus Solar Solutions has come up with a project of installing a 5KW System with Battery Backup to harness solar energy for petrol pumps. In areas where load shedding is an issue and there is a high dependence on diesel gensets, solar power with a battery backup is the best solution for the smooth functioning of the petrol pump. Various oil companies are now also giving impetus to the dealers to use solar power. Nimbus Solar Solutions has curated this project, keeping in mind that a seamless service is required at the metropolitan's functional petrol pumps.