Solar for Schools and Colleges

System: 7KW to 25KW Systems

Locations: Jharkhand and various locations in West Bengal

Description: Nimbus Solar Solutions recognises the importance of harnessing the power of the sun to drive excellence towards growth and development. The firm offers an installation of 7KW to 25KW systems for generating solar power in schools and colleges of Jharkhand and various locations in West Bengal. The concept heralds from the fact that schools operate during the day; it is easier for the installations to harness maximum solar energy from the sun without extra or additional investment in batteries. The increasing population of West Bengal has created an upsurge in the number of schools that are coming up – providing newer possibilities of solar power installations to cut down on the cost of electricity for the administration. Nimbus Solar Solutions has installed systems in both rural and urban areas of the two states to enhance sustainable development and growth. At the current site in Jharkhand, 90% of the energy consumed by the schools is being produced by systems provided by Nimbus Solar Solutions. The company is exploring the possibilities of garnering and nurturing the thought of a complete shift to greener solutions for the visionary growth of the country.