Solar Powered Drinking water ATMs

System: 7.5KW Systems with Battery Backup

Location: Various locations in West Bengal

Description: Nimbus Solar Solutions provides 7.5KW Systems with Batter Backup for Solar Powered Drinking Water ATMs at various locations in West Bengal. The geographic location of West Bengal exposes it to ample sunlight, and it is easier to harness the energy seamlessly to soak in its maximum benefit for a sustainable future. This project constitutes a solar-run water treatment plant with hygienic sanitation units. An RO filtration system is used to purify the water, and the run-off water of the filtration process is used in the sanitation units. The beneficiaries are given an automated water RFID card to swipe at these water ATMs to obtain 10 litres of pure drinking water per day. Nimbus Solar Solutions has developed this project to ensure access to cheaper and pure drinking water for the commoners. The project harnesses solar power the right way for a better future for the country and eventually reduce water shortages in several areas.