solar systems in India

Rising electricity bills, escalating costs of crude oil, and concern for the environment have prompted many businesses to resort to alternative energy sources. Recent times have also seen a considerable decrease in prices for buying and installing solar systems in India. It is no wonder that solar power has emerged as the most sustainable and cost-effective energy option for many businesses.

Benefits of solar power

Companies that have already shifted to solar systems in India are reaping its multiple benefits. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Reduced Operating Costs: Installing a solar system is the equivalent of pre-paying for 40 years of energy at just a fraction of what you are currently paying for power consumption. The cost per unit of your current electricity bill is much higher than what you would spend for solar energy, which ensures savings for your business.

Good Return on Investment: Government incentives and the decrease in solar equipment costs makes solar systems in India a sound investment and an excellent financial decision for businesses. Investment in solar power entails long-term savings and quick payback.

Easy Maintenance: A solar system requires little or no maintenance once installed. This further enables you to save on business expenses.

Environmental benefits: Solar power reduces fuel consumption, thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Resorting to this alternative energy source aids combat the issues posed by global warming.

Job creations: Solar companies are helping the youth and the country by creating new jobs. With the increasing demand for solar systems in India, companies are looking for professionals to install and maintain these systems and educate people about the same.

Energy reaches everywhere: Many regions in the country still face an issue with power supply. Installing more solar systems in India will help these regions immensely.

Help achieve the goal of an energy-independent nation: Increased solar systems in India are helping the country fulfill its vision of becoming energy-independent which in turn will help its overall economy.

A Case Study

With ample industry knowledge, top solar companies like Nimbus Solar always encourage businesses to join the solar revolution and enjoy the advantages of this futuristic move.

A case-in-point is Sundeep Traders, a company involved in the manufacturing of plastic pellets, which initially installed a 20KW solar-powered system from Nimbus Solar to control their escalating power costs as well as to do their bit for the environment. The benefits they gained from the solar systems were huge, leading them to install another system of 40KW. Currently employing 60KW of solar power, the company estimates its savings to be approximately Rs 50,000 per month. The company is looking at an ROI within 3.5 years with the tax benefits under government incentives. Further, utilizing the net-metering system, the company is also getting compensated for power generated on Sundays by sending the power back to the grid.

Nimbus Solar – The Way Forward

Currently, major renewable energy companies are focusing on installing more solar systems in India and partnering with other businesses to produce cleaner, greener, and cheaper energy. This vision aims to drive India to become a global leader in solar energy and create a better future for generations.

Nimbus Solar is the solar division of Nimbus, a renowned player in irrigation. With a pan-India presence, the company is a one-stop solution to ensure the best transition to solar energy from conventional sources. It is trusted for its sound industry knowledge, including the various tax exemptions, capital subsidies, and incentives offered by the government. It stands for going green and unleashing the true power of solar energy.

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