Renewable energy, especially solar power, is growing increasingly popular. Organisations are increasingly adopting solar energy to maximise profits while contributing to the global concern of protecting the planet. Solar energy companies in India have grabbed consumers’ attention in the past few years with their new cutting-edge technologies. The discerning consumers align more with sustainable businesses and products that protect the environment with a lower carbon footprint. 

A ‘World Energy Outlook’ report suggests that India is at the cusp of a solar-powered revolution. “The present trajectories in solar being far more cost-competitive against the coal capacity in India, by the year 2030”. Our country’s efforts to tackle issues of air pollution, diversify energy sources, and take advantage of the plummeting costs of adopting solar energy have greatly enhanced the popularity of this sustainable option.

Let us take a look at some of the emerging trends in solar not only in our country but across the world.

Continuous innovations in the sector: Solar roofing is more prevalent now than in past years. Solar energy companies in India have benefited from photovoltaic advancements. Solar technology will become more efficient, convenient, and accessible to homeowners, leading to higher renewable energy production.

Solar-power vehicles: Another significant innovation is the combination of electric and solar vehicles, which promises to be a game-changer for the automobile sector. We have witnessed several inventions related to enhanced battery storage hours for longer power durations. The global solar vehicle market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of around 35% between 2021-2026. 

Increased efficiency of solar panels: With rapid technological advancement, fewer solar panels will be efficient enough to generate larger quantities of electricity. The average panel conversion efficiency has increased by 15% to over 20% in most modules. With the increasing demand for “green electricity”, the manufacturing capacity of panels is expected to increase, thereby bringing down the production cost and boosting accessibility. 

Digitalisation is the future: A solar system’s safety and efficiency depend heavily on human inspection and maintenance. With solar energy companies in India developing digitalisation and artificial intelligence in drones, machine learning and robots, these units’ maintenance costs are expected to go down.

Blockchain is the next significant technological advancement: The introduction of blockchain technology will help commercialise energy by tracking renewable energy from source to consumption and providing consumers with the correct information. It helps create smart contracts and establish a hierarchy of priorities while being automated.

Higher demands for solar-powered products: According to experts in the industry, we will see an increased demand for solar-powered generators, smartphone chargers, outdoor motion sensor lights, backpacks and cookers in the near future.

Ponds as a solar energy source: Another novel invention entails floating solar systems constructed over ponds, accentuating waste-water treatment facilities. The idea is not to waste precious land and instead depend on water bodies for electricity at affordable costs.

Thus, with new trends in the solar energy industry, we can hope to achieve a greener and more sustainable world. 

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