solar power system in India

Any well-maintained machinery runs better and provides greater efficiency. The same goes for solar power system in India. Periodic cleaning and maintenance help them function better and enhance their longevity. A recent study has indicated that a thorough cleaning makes the panels at least 3.5% more efficient. Without proper cleaning procedures, it will be impossible to enjoy the maximum benefits of the sun’s energy. 

Why is cleaning necessary?

Solar power system in India require minimal maintenance and come with a service life of almost 20 years if maintained well. Solar panel cleaning is an intrinsic part of maintenance and efficient energy generation. 

The cleaning entails washing the PV panels and making them free from pollutants like dust, sand, smog and dirt that may have collected on them. Pollutants block the generation of energy and reduce their peak performance. Periodic cleaning allows the photovoltaic system to operate more efficiently and even increases the life span of the equipment. 

Periodic cleaning enhances efficiency             

For solar power system in India, cleaning is usually necessary on a fortnightly or monthly basis. It varies based on the type of solar panel used and the pollution level in the concerned area. Most companies hire the services of professional agencies to clean their solar panels periodically. 

Below are some tips for effective cleaning of these panels:

  • The best way to clean the panels is using water at room temperature with a hose. It is best to avoid warm water. The water should not be sprayed at high pressure since it might damage the equipment.
  • Harsh soaps, detergents and chemicals should be avoided since they may not only leave a mark on the panels but also attract dirt as they stick to the surface.
  • Besides, abrasive detergents can adversely affect the anti-reflective coating and scratch the glass surface. Non-abrasive sponges are the best bet for effective cleaning.
  • Clean the solar panels when wet to wipe off any dust or residue.
  • According to industry experts, the best time to clean the panels is early morning or late evening. During peak hours, the panels are hot, and the company risks losing out on energy generation. 
  • Overcleaning of the system should be avoided. Maintaining a periodic cleaning schedule based on dust and other pollutants in the area usually provides the best results.

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