How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent investment as a renewable energy source. Incredibly reliable and with no moving parts, it requires less maintenance. The solar panel system can withstand the elements outdoors. No maintenance is required for wear-related malfunctions of the electrical system. Additionally, most solar systems come with a 25+ year solar power warranty.

Tips for solar panel cleaning – Follow the tips below to take care of your solar panel system properly:

  • Debris on titled solar panels generally gets washed off by rain. In the dry season, manual cleaning is required using a leaf blower or a quick spray with a garden hose.
  • During heavy snow, the energy output of solar panels can decline. It is imperative to clean the panels manually to avoid any reduction in output. Luke warm water may be used, not hot water, as the panels are tempered glass. The instant temperature exposure may cause the glass to break.
  • Dust, residue, bird dropping or leaves must be cleared off the panels from time to time since they may cause hindrances to direct sunlight. Clean solar panels when damp so that any dirt or debris that has adhered to them can be readily wiped away.
  • Harsh materials or chemicals on the glass used for cleaning can cause damage to the solar panel system, and its repair and maintenance can be expensive.
  • For safety reasons, use long-handled wipers to clean the solar panel.
  • The solar panel cleaning kit is very convenient for cleaning the solar panel. It comes with a biodegradable soap, a squeegee, and a small or long-handled brush. Instructions are on the bottle. Follow the steps below to gently remove dirt and grime that has built up on the panel.

Taking proper care of your solar panels – Follow these tips to maintain your solar panel system properly:

  • Solar panels should be kept out of the shade because they produce less energy when not exposed to sunlight.
  • The inverter indicator light should be green. If not, energy usage by the solar panel is then greater than the energy produced, and urgent maintenance is required.
  • It is good to keep track of the daily performance of the solar panel via a monitoring system. It is critical to record the energy produced at a particular time each day. Specific attention should be paid to seasonal periods, especially when the weather is cloudy or too sunny.
  • It is good to install sprinklers like automated cleaners for periodic cleaning or even outsource panel cleaning firm services.
  • Solar panels generally require less maintenance as they do not have moving parts that could rust or break down.
  • Solar panels can weather most storms with no trouble. Still, severe weather like hurricanes or tornadoes can potentially result in significant damage. Strong winds can damage panels or wiring directly or propel objects into them. 

Replacing a solar panel system 

If the replacement of a solar panel system is required within the warranty period, then it is best to call the vendor and get it replaced or repaired.

Difference between ground panels and roof panels 

In terms of maintenance, ground-mounted and rooftop solar systems differ in the ease of accessing and cleaning the floor panels. Roof panels are best cleaned by outsourcing professional services. 

Fortunately, under most circumstances, solar panel maintenance is minimal compared to other off-grid renewable energy systems such as wind turbines, hydroelectric power and various types of generators. We recommend cleaning your solar panels 2-4 times a week.

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