Solar Energy Market – Creating New Jobs

solar energy market

Renewable energy technologies, particularly solar energy, are developing unprecedentedly. The growth of solar energy usage impacts people everywhere, be it cities, states or countries. There are instances of entire cities running exclusively on renewable energy. Moreover, the solar energy market has created the need for nearly 4.5 million jobs globally.

Types of Jobs Created in the Solar Energy Market

The solar energy market requires an increasingly diverse workforce. Minorities and women comprise a more significant portion of the solar workforce than ever before. In general, the job roles offered by the solar energy market are:

  • Manufacturing Jobs – They are associated with creating components in the solar energy system, from solar panels to inverters and batteries. 
  • Supply Chain Jobs – They bridge the gap between the equipment coming from the production lines globally and local solar companies that install the equipment. The supply chain of the solar energy market includes wholesalers, distributors and retailers.
  • Installation Jobs – These involve installing panels on a property or building. It encourages the employment of hyper-local labour at the installation sites. 
  • Operations and Maintenance jobs – These jobs in the solar energy market involve keeping a check on the functioning of the systems. Solar energy systems are often guaranteed and warranted to perform at a high level for many years. Panels, batteries, and inverters may require replacements if needed. 

Offering many jobs for experts and local human resources, the solar energy market adds workers nearly 20 times faster than the local economy. Installation jobs remain the largest source of domestic solar employment growth in the sector. 

Employment Trends in Renewable Energy

As per a research study, India’s renewable energy sector could potentially employ more than one million individuals by 2030. Most jobs are predicted to be generated by small-scale renewable energy projects such as solar rooftops and mini and microgrid systems compared to utility or large-scale projects such as solar parks. India successfully trained 78,000 people under the Surya Mitra training program between 2015 and 2017 to improve the availability of skilled workers for clean energy projects.

The Future of Solar Energy Market in India

At the Climate Change Conference, COP26, at Glasgow in 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to combat climate change was to install 500 GW of non-fossil energy capacity by 2030, with a billion-tonne reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, and for India to become net-zero by 2070. Most of the new capabilities for electricity generation are expected to be based on solar and wind energy. These two sectors can potentially create 3.4 million jobs over the next 8 fiscal years. 

India’s ambitious targets provide an opportunity to maximize employment, growth, and sustainability while transiting to a low-carbon economy.

At this juncture, if solar pumps and rooftops in rural India are the future, it is critical to train the rural youth and make them employable in various parts of the renewable ecosystem. The vision is to carve the country’s prosperous future without a carbon footprint added to the atmosphere.

With over nearly 700 million people under 30, creating clean futuristic jobs is a priority for our country to help it grow.

Nimbus Solar Solutions: Pioneers in the solar energy market

Nimbus Solar, the Solar division of Nimbus, a renowned brand in the field of irrigation, was started with a visionary approach to extend the Nimbus offerings to solar systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes. It supplies a wide range of solar products that use the industry’s best components. Equipped with the latest and most sophisticated solar products, we are backed by modern technical know-how and a team of experienced and dedicated Engineers and Technicians. The survey, design, supply, installation and commission of the entire system at the customer’s site based on their diversified solar needs.

With a Pan-India presence, with branch offices in West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan, we provide highly efficient and customized products and expert technical services for installation and maintenance and education to support it.

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