Our lighting and rooftop solar solutions are highly efficient for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes in rural and urban areas. The system combines the most efficient components from the best companies to provide a comprehensive solar rooftop solution to the current problems posed by electricity.
We provide two plans whereby you can adopt a solar rooftop solution and start saving on your electricity bills:

Capex Model

This plan allows you to pay upfront and buy solar panels. A one-time investment with roughly 3-5 years of payback time. After installing the solar rooftop solution at your premises, you can use all the electricity these panels produce free of cost. You can also choose the option of “net-metering“, which allows you to get compensation for any extra unused electricity produced by the panels.
With this model of solar rooftop solution, you can own a solar power system by making a one-time payment. Once installed, you can enjoy a lifetime supply of solar power for free while also creating assets

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  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Get accelerated depreciation benefits
  • Increases the property value
  • Be a proud solar power generating system owner and join the energy revolution

Opex/PPA Model

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an agreement that helps you enjoy the benefits of solar energy at ZERO investment cost. We will set up a system at your premises (sheds, rooftops, terraces or even on the ground) at our expense. You will only have to make monthly payments for the solar units consumed at a predetermined rate. Once you sign the agreement, we take care of everything, including system design, paperwork, permissions, knowledge exchange, and post-installation services of the solar rooftop solution.
This model helps you enjoy the benefits of solar energy at ZERO investment cost. With this type of solar rooftop solution, you just have to pay for the units consumed at rates much lower than your present rates.

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  • Going green without any upfront investment
  • Electricity savings of 10-30%
  • Option of a buyout anytime as per pre-set clauses
  • The utilisation of unused space
  • Extra savings with net metering (if available in your area)

Tailor-Made Solar

We know how difficult it is to accept change. Nimbus Solar provides custom-made solutions from start to finish to ensure the best transition possible for you from conventional energy to solar energy.